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Inlay Boat


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This beautiful inlay boat wooden artwork has been designed in such a way that it can catch the attention of anyone.

Check out the boat and surroundings to see how real they have been made to appear by the artist. Also, the colors that have been used can’t be ignored given that they have been perfect thereby adding to the beauty of the artwork.

Creativity is always the watchword for any top quality piece of artwork. The good part is that this one meets all of such criteria.

This innovative piece of artwork has been crafted with lot of details each color on this artwork reflects the characteristics of natural wood tones and textures combined and 100% hand crafted to make this highly refined artwork is to make your home look stunning before visitors. It is probably one of the most creative artwork around given its impressive features.

Do you want to transform your interiors within a matter of seconds? Are you aware that there are very few pieces of artwork which can help you achieve such? This is perhaps where this inlay scenery painting will be part of your interiors

Size: 18X12


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